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Warehouse & Logistics

Production Control & Logistics

Alegre is EDI capable, managing releases, forecasts and shipping notifications.  We interface with the Customer’s Production Planning activity for requirements and cumulative shipment information and work to resolve any discrepancies or abnormalities. Production requirements and shipping information is then coordinated with our Vendor Partners.  

Materials Management

Alegre's Materials team provides analysis and feedback related to customer requirements by reviewing for anomalies and comparing forecasted quantities to actual shipments in order to verify that the correct information used in our Shop Floor and Material Requirements Planning, as well as our Vendor Partner’s production planning.  International inbound shipments are monitored and tracked as well as the pipeline inventory and safety stock inventories to ensure continuous supply of parts for our Customer requirements.  Alegre manages the customs clearance process and import compliance, where applicable, and ensures that all applicable laws and regulations are satisfied.

Warehousing & Distribution

We manage our inventory through an Infor ERP system which provides barcode labeling and complete lot traceability from receipt of material through serialized shipments to the Customer. Alegre performs varying degrees of receiving inspection of the manufacturers part, provides storage (including a safety stock), and JIT delivery services.

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