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Services Overview

With Alegre as your full service supplier of component parts and assemblies, we bring a comprehensive end-to-end solution allowing you to consolidate many suppliers and parts, over a range of commodities, into one - Alegre!  We are also flexible and can customize a solution around the parts and services that you need.

Technical Sales
Sales & Program Management


Our approach to the sales process is program management based.  Our sales professionals take a leadership role in the project and remain involved for the life of the part.

ERP Integration
Warehouse & Logistics


Alegre utilizes a powerful ERP system to ensure adequate supply and delivery of your parts on a Just-In-Time basis with lot traceability.

Returnable Containers
Assembly & Re-pack


Alegre's value add services are an effective way to keep your internal labor costs low.

Alegre is IATF16949:2016 registered.

Quality Support
Quality Support


Our goal is to deliver the Right Parts to the Right Place at the Right Time.  In the event of a quality problem, we work directly with your plant personnel to immediately identify the problem, contain and sort inventory to avoid any interruption in your production.  We will work through the problem solving process to closure and assure all documentation is completed to your satisfaction.  We will also insure that a permanent corrective action is in place.

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