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Component Parts Supplier
Your Global Source for Component Parts and Assemblies!


Established in 1992, Alegre is a global supplier of component parts and assemblies, creating and managing supply lines from North America, South Korea, China, Vietnam and Taiwan to manufacturing sites all over the world. 


Alegre provides savings with high quality products and services, making the supply of component parts and assemblies easy, reliable and cost effective!

Warehouse Services

Alegre produces assemblies and manufacturers components through our exclusive global network of manufacturers.

With headquarters centrally located in the US, Alegre provides localization for North American customers through globalization and global support through our network of shipping locations.


Alegre is your single point of contact for global manufacturing and supply. Our services are comprehensive and customizable to fit your needs.

Our supply solutions provide our customers with a comprehensive remedy for global procurement; product reliability and seamless supply, all at a competitive price. 


Alegre is a cross commodity supplier.  The range of commodities supported by Alegre is diverse and each Alegre manufacturing affiliate has extensive experience with the products they manufacture. 

Our expertise in a broad range of commodities, combined with our program management and global network of manufacturers, positions Alegre as the best choice for your single source of supply!

Alegre Quality Policy

Alegre is driven by continuous improvement. We are a IATF16949 Registered company committed to quality excellence.  

We provide comprehensive quality support to both our customers and our suppliers.

Working Together to Exceed Customer Expectations!

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